Cooking class

Bosco Verde organises cooking and workshop classes based on our restaurants cuisines. The cooking and workshop classes are suitable for people who are interested in cooking vegan food, becoming a vegan, having a healthy balanced diet, chefs interested in expanding their culinary skills or vegetarian restaurants.

In these classes, we will teach you how to cook European and Asian vegan cuisines, appertizers, salads, drinks and desserts by using many varieties of fruits, vegetables, seeds, soybeans, and beans.

The courses would be coordinated by our adviser David Bellatalla, an Italian anthropologist also training teacher for Slow Food Italy. David and the other chefs are continuously liaising with other food technology specialists and master chefs to further their skill set to be able to provide the students with the best possible class possible.

Bosco Verde can also offer you different types of dance courses which are held by one of the best dance teachers in Mongolia, Mr Bulganbayar B, who is an Asian Championship gold medalist and professional dance teacher.