About Us

Our restaurant established in Dec 2013 in the heart of UB. Bosco Verde means „The Green Forest”. We are very proud of ourselves for being the very first Italian and European style for a vegan restaurant in UB, even in Mongolia.

Our mission is to increase popularity of vegan dishes by twisting traditional Italian and European dishes into vegan meal( replacing traditional ingredients with vegan ones), to offer the vegan version of our favourite meals such as Lasagne, Ricotta cheese, Pizza, Burgers etc. for locals clints and tourists.

We tried to create the most comfortable and cosiest atmosphere, which looks so close to the Nature. It is reflected in our restaurant’s interior design. The Italian designer/architect Albert Zatta designed our restaurant. Bosco Verde gives to our clients opportunities to have their unique meal in an European comfortable atmosphere.

We are happy to help everyone, who is willing to change their life style, to teach them how to live happier and healthier, without animal cruelty, bad habits such as smoking,drinking and to be slave of drug addiction.  We runs cookery classes about healthy diet and life style.

You can find lots of useful information about our healthy life style on our website.